Aline Schneider Teixeira




            Room 05-025, Biological and Conservation

            Science Building, Westville Campus

                Tel:  +27 31 2601658

                Fax: +27 31 2601195


Research title: " Elucidating the mode of action of cathodic water in ameliorating oxidative damage associated with explant processing for cryopreservation".

Project description:

The over-arching of the research programme is the optimisation procedures using cathodic water to counteract the damaging effect of ROS generated in response to the series of injurious stresses imposed on recalcitrant explants prior to, during, and upon retrieval from, cryopreservation. Optimisation, however, needs to be based on the sound understanding of the mode of action of cathodic protection, provided primarily by exposure to cathodic water.

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