Prof. Dave Mycock                                                                             

Dave Mycock

David considers himself to be a Cell Biologist. This fundamental biological interest has formed the basis of all his research programmes starting with his doctoral studies on the impact of the seed storage fungi on stored maize. That study also developed a deep interest and commitment to the necessity for the storage of germplasm so as to maintain the tremendous diversity of the plant kingdom. Subsequent research projects have considered the development of micropropagatory procedures for endangered indigenous species and crop and forestry species, with the cell biology flavour of the underlying developmental processes. Associated with all these studies have been the development of storage procedures for the in vitro tissues. Again the understanding of the responses of the cells, tissues and organs to the storage "insults" have underpinned the research.To date David has published over 30 papers in scientific journals, 10 chapters in books and 30 refereed conference proceedings. Numerous conference presentations with his postgraduates have been presented at local and international meetings. At present David is the Chairman of the Storage Committe for the International Seed Testing Association.


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