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MSc: Responses to chilling of recalcitrant seeds of Ekebergia capensis from different provenances


Details of Research:

In this study, the effect of chilling of the recalcitrant seeds of purportedly a single species, Ekebergia capensis, from Port Elizabeth (PE; Eastern Cape), St Lucia (KwaZulu-Natal [KZN]) and Tanzania (tropical southern Africa) on viability and axis ultrastructure, solute leakage and parameters of protein synthesis, was investigated at intervals during storage under hydrated conditions at 1, 3 and 6°C (PE), and 3, 6 and 16°C (St Lucia and Tanzania). It is clear from the present study, that E. capensis seeds of temperate (PE) origin do tolerate chilling temperatures well, whereas those from sub-tropical St Lucia or the tropical Tanzanian provenance, do not. Taken in conjunction with the (admittedly limited) genomic analyses, it is suggested that it may be incorrect to assume that what has been tacitly assumed to be a single species, is, in fact, so.   Pending Phd title.

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